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Comments on C.G. Jung 2

Dear Friends,

Here is the second posting on Jung. If you have something to add on feel free to do so.

Dr Loga

Question 2: Is it possible that you depreciate consciousness through an overvaluation of the unconscious?


I have never had any tendency to depreciate consciousness by insisting upon the importance of the unconscious. If such a tendency is attributed to me it is due to a sort  of optical illusion. Consciousness is the " known ", but the unconscious is very little known and my  and my chief efforts are devoted to the elucidation of our unconscious psyche.  The result of this is, naturally, that I talk more about the unconscious than about the conscious. Since everybody believes or, at least, tries to believe in the unequivocal superiority of rational consciousness, I have to emphasize the importance of the unconscious irrational forces, to establish a sort of balance. ................

The unconscious is neutral, rather like nature. If it is destructive on the one side, it is as constructive on the other side. It is the source of all sorts of evils and also the matrix of all divine experience and ---paradoxical as it may sound-- it has brought forth and brings forth consciousness. Such a statement does not mean  that the source ORIGINATES, i.e., that the water is created just at the spot where you see the source of the river; it comes from deep down in the mountain and runs along its secret ways before it reaches daylight................


There is much  with which I tend to agree with Jung here. However I notice that the term Unconscious , as used by Jung is NOT sufficiently differentiated  and because of which he does NOT appear to see certain things clearly. In the Unconscious we have to distinguish very sharply and clearly  between the BEING which  is Transcendental  Collective Unconscious  (TCU) and  aNu Maalam  or Giggosum that breeds DARKNESS in the visions and because of  which the psyche is Metaphysically Blind  and FINITE with a tendency to do the evil and ignoble. While BEING is brightness itself and hence Numinosum, the Giggosum is the OPPOSITE to it; it is the ANTIBEING.  The psyche is caught between the two deep -seated psychic pulls. There is an inherent WEAKNESS in the psyches to fall prey to the pulls of Giggosum and religious life, in the true sense of the word, is an attempt to FIGHT against this FALL and place itself in the strong presence of BEING which is always present  in all kinds divine disclosures. It is BEING that is the source of life renewing WATER, the mystical Kangkai, that appears in so many dreams and which are enacted  also in some significant rituals. While it is  the Giggosum that is destructive and death bringing, BEING is always the source of life renewal, of eternal vitality and youthfulness.  The genuinely religious pattern of life, by making BEING present within the psychic Unconscious ensures good health,  mental productivity etc ,i.e.,  serves to avoid falling into the clutches of Giggosum and suffer  death-like experiences including mental decay.