1.   (Books of the Meykandar School)

2. ġ     ( Books of the VaLLalaar School)

3. (Post Meykandar Saiva Classics)

4.         (The  Books of the Siddhas)

5.  ž 츢 (The Books on Vedanta)

6 Ǹ(Monograhs

            a. in English

            b.in Tamil

7.Ҿ   (New Books in Philosophy)

8. Ţ  Ψø( Essays in Agamic Psychology)

9. Ȣ  Ψø (Philosophical Essays)

10.           (ArutkuRaL Akam)

11. ý  (PeruntheevapparaNi)

12. (civappaadalkaL)

13. What is Saivism? (Questions and Answers in English)

14.ź 츢(Kavasa Literature)

16â¡â (The Philosophy of Periyar (in Tamil)

̾ 1

     ̾ 2